Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today's rant brought to you by the Hangry

Let me be clear about something, when I get consumed by the hangry, it is NOT A GOOD THING. It means I f*cked up my fueling for the day.

Next, if you post pictures of your breakfast, lunch and dinner, YOU HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD


You are putting your issues on display for everyone else.

But apparently that doesn't seem to matter.

NEXT, if you are training for Ironman, and you post THIS picture of your breakfast





If you post the picture of a bowl of fruit and call it breakfast and you weigh 50lbs more than me and are almost 10 years younger AND are training for HIMs and IMs.....I'M CALLING BULLSHIT.

Here are the facts, I train (for oly distance) up to 13 hours a week. And I'm hungry all the damn time. So much so that it has to be the single most frustrating part of training. No matter HOW MUCH I eat in the morning, I'm hungry again a few hours later (as in 3 hours later).

Few things make me as crazy as people pushing these unhealthy and unrealistic images of what they supposedly eat on a daily basis. Then, I see other people "liking" the status or saying, "OH YOU EAT SO WELL."


Look, I love fruit and salad and all that but I would pass out if that's all I ate during the course of a day.

Meanwhile, I try to fill gaps with smoothies, and I get tired of smoothies. But they are necessary. I tried cooking all day long, and that was even worse. It's a ridiculous amount of food. So much so that Mr. Tea has almost begged me to eat convenience foods. I've tried them, but I can't stand frozen meals or anything that comes in a box.

Anyway, here's a picture of what I had for 2nd lunch today.

Oh, and I had these (2 of them):