Friday, February 22, 2013

Time is not my own

This week has been stressful with little stupid stuff. Nothing has been major. There's just been a lot of little stuff.

I've let it get the best of me and missed some workouts. I didn't sleep well at all early in the week. On top of being stressed, I was tired. When I'm tired, I get cranky. When I don't workout, it makes me even crankier. It becomes a vicious cycle.

I've really felt like time isn't my own. That's not true. I simply need to make it my own. The time is there. I just can't mess around. If I say I'm riding at 10am. I have to ride at 10am, not 10:30 or even 10:15. 

I can't worry about what other family members are doing. When I sit around and wait for them, I miss my workouts. I can't wait for them to get up in the morning. I need to start my workout.

Heck, if they really wanted to talk to me, they'd get up earlier, right? So, why am I waiting for them?

See? It's all me. I've got to change this.

When someone says, "Let's talk at at 10am", I need to institute the old College rule. If the professor isn't there by 10:10, class canceled. 

That's just how my schedule is right now. Unless there's truly an emergency, I'm not late. I think it's completely disrespectful for people to show up late and/or make other people wait. 

Back in the day when I trained for Ironman, the business wasn't very busy. I had all the time in the world to train and really goof off a lot. 

Then, we became busy, and Mr. Tea and I found ourselves doing everything and not having much time.

Then, we hired people and that freed up our time.

Now, I'm busy again. 

I have to stop thinking about this as being a flexible work schedule and more like a "real" job. Trust me it feels like a real job (except WAY more fun).

I just need to make the commitment. I was doing really well. I was getting up, having breakfast with JMan, then workout, then work, then workout, then work. It was a great schedule. 

I just need to make it happen again.