Saturday, July 9, 2011

oh wow



Finally some humidity!

Today, it was about 90 when I left the house for my long run and 70% humidity.


Oh, and I apologize to everyone who got the email about Google+. I was learning how to use it and didn't realize that I was blasting everyone with an email. If you've ever commented on my blog, you probably got the email....unless you were in the group, where I stopped and thought: Hmmm, did send invite actually mean send?


Have you looked at the calendar lately? I'll give you a hint: today is July 9th.

That means Ironman Boulder is less than a month away!

Do I sound stressed?

Do I seemed worried?

Nope! Not at all. 

I'm going out there with Mr. Tea and about 4 friends. Because of the set up of the courses, no matter how fast we all are, we'll see each other many times throughout the day. The bike is 2 loops. The run is 2 loops. sah-weeet!

How could I possibly be stressed about that? It's going to be a fantastic race!

Ok, so it'll be hot. Ok, so we're going 70.3 miles. Ok, ok, ok. fine whatever. As long as Mr. Tea has 1.) Air conditioned car  2.) plenty to drink/eat  3.) a good book to read.....well, I'm all set!

On the other hand, this could just be onset of Peak-Training-Delirium.

I'm not really sure. I have lost track of days, as one day runs right into the next. Train, eat, rest, train, eat rest.  If I'm lucky, I throw a shower in there once in awhile. 

My training clothes are more or less just piles of clothes that go from washer to body and back again.

Dry clothes are overrated anyway....if I'm just going to sweat them all up again.

Alas! The end is nigh! Very soon, all of this training will all come together.

Until then, or until I figure out what day it is, train happy my friends!