Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Me: (looking nervously down at the floor, rubbing my hands together): Um, so, um I was thinking about doing a race.

Mike: (half paying attention, half watching ESPN): YAWN...which one?

Me: (running my hands through my hair and now staring anxiously out the window, thinking about how poorly this conversation is going to go): Well, y'know, I'm talking about 2011....NOT this year for sure. But, I was thinking of doing Ironman Boulder.

Mike: (turning to look at me & clearly not happy): I thought you were done with that distance. I thought you were done with the long stuff.

Me: Um well, uh....I wouldn't need you to Sherpa, and I'd make sure training doesn't interfere with anything. And Boulder is a 70.3....

Mike: OH! well then, Heck yea....I didn't know it was a SHORT race. DO it. It'll be fun!

It's happened. 70 miles is now a short race, a sprint, a few hours out in the sun, get up to have a big breakfast, cheer as the athletes run in the water, cheer as they come out of the water, hold up a sign, ring a cowbell, watch the bike take off, back to the hotel for a short nap, grab a bite for lunch, head back to watch the bike return/run take off, catch the rest of the Rockies game on tv, and back to the finish.

The day is done before you know it. All in all a fun quick little race.