Monday, February 8, 2010

Who I be, I be Tea

I know it was popular (like 5 years ago) to list out interesting facts about yourself.

Well, I'm not one for fads. So, here's mine 5 years late and in no particular order.

1.) I'm not one for fads. (Didn't see that coming did you?)

2.) I can absolutely not resist Lays potato chips....the plain old salty Lays.

3.) My favorite simple pleasure is a cup of tea and a biscotti in front of the fireplace with a book.

4.) I have a dark sarcastic sense of humor, which means that people either think I need to be locked up or that I'm hilarious.

5.) I eat ridiculously well, except for the Lays.

6.) I love the mountains.

7.) I love snowshoeing and hiking.

8.) I love the ocean even more than the mountains.

9.) I love movies that know what they are.

10.) I love reading, especially historical fiction.

11.) I am a music fanatic but I'm not a guru. I couldn't tell you who played guitar or sang vocals for any particular group....except Van Halen but then You'd have to be pretty sorry not to know that.

12.) I love writing and have works of fiction published.....a long long time ago.

13.) Places that I haven't been but would love to go: Turkey and Croatia.

14.) Goal in life: To finish my family tree which requires research in Dublin....not that I have a problem with that.

15.) Countries I've been to: Canada, Jamaica, France, England, Germany, Amsterdam, Japan, China (Xi'an to Beijing and other eastern cities), Hong Kong. I think I'm leaving something out.

16.) Country I've spent the most time (other than US): France.

17.) Favorite of the list: China

18.) Place in the US that I want to visit: New Orleans.

19.) Place I'm least likely to live: Florida

20.) Languages I know: English & French. I learned some basic conversational Catonese. I know how to curse in Hindi and German.

21.) If I were a superhero, my superpower would be flying.

22.) Strange special talent: Imitations.

23.) I own an unusually high number of: sweatshirts.

24.) My first job: McDonald's....which was an odd choice since I was a vegetarian.

25.) My first car: Mustang

26.) I really like snow.

27.) I love being able to get through the snow.

28.) I believe that all women need to know some form of self-defense.

29.) I studied Karate.

30.) I don't now but want to do it again.

31.) I don't believe in marriage.

32.) I believe in committment.

33.) I believe anyone who wants to be married should be allowed to get married.

32.) I think the religious right is freakin' nuts.

33.) I still struggle with "Paper or plastic" when I leave my bags at home.

34.) I think the BEST pizza is NY pizza.

35.) I'm from NY. Born in Queens.

36.) When I get angry or excited, I have a NY accent.

37.) I smile and laugh alot.

38.) I tend to sing aloud in the car....regardless of who is in there with me.

39.) I just loves me some Knish.

40.) I love Indian food, and Mexican and Chinese food. Hmmm, I really just love food.

41.) I don't drink alchohol. Not that I have an issue with it. I just don't. I might again someday. But I do own quite a collection of wines.

42.) I don't smoke, have never and will never.

43.) I love going to summer baseball games.

44.) I love sports.

45.) Yoga, yoga, yoga.

46.) I love or cold....unsweetened.

47.) I love thunderstorms.

48.) On the first day of summer every year, I find a park bench in the shade and have a bag of m&ms and a coke and watched people go by.

49.) I sing "Go runner, go runner" when I'm driving by a runner.

50.) I love it when people make fun of themselves.

51.) I don't like it when people make fun of others.

52.) I tend to root for the underdog.

53.) I am not allergic to anything. Nothing. Onions don't make me cry. Dust doesn't make me sneeze. Nothing. I can walk in the middle of a field of weeds and sunflowers and not have a problem.

54.) I think I have really good genes.

55.) I don't like laying in bed once I wake up.

56.) I don't watch much tv. I hate sitting idle.

57.) I have too much energy for my own good and drive my family crazy.

And....I can't think other anything else to say.