Saturday, September 5, 2009

Je crois en.....MOI

Almost daily, I have been reviewing my race day strategies.

I feel ready knowing that I have my visual, verbal, and mental cues ready, and my nutrition plan is ready.

2 days before the race:
This is my last carbo-loading day. Eat up little buckaroo.

1 day before the race:
Eat normally, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Pack up race equipment....and for goodness sakes would you PLEASE remember you RACE HELMET?

Create nutrition baggies: 1 for the swim, 1 for the bike, 1 for the run.

Race day:
Double serving of pancakes with Jelly. (It's my preferred race day breakfast).
Bagel with nutella and almond butter.
Bring a banana with me.

One hour before race, eat banana with 16oz of water.

Set up transition area.

Prior to swim: 1 GU with water.

Pacing: Negative split the entire race and then also the individual segments.
Swim: Start comfortably and pick up speed halfway to the halfway. At the halfway, let all hell break loose. This is your event!

Starting bike: 1 GU immediately with water.
every 20 minutes thereafter another GU.
Calorie goal 250-300 per hour.

Second hour on the bike: Lara bar, bar cut into pieces prior to race + 1 GU.

Third hour on the bike: 3 GU's....making sure that one is taken at the start of the run.

Total nutrition: 1 lara bar and 7 GU's.

Bike pacing:
Miles 1-10: Go moderate-hard. The hills aren't as big as they seem.
Miles 10-15: Go easy-moderate. The climb is harder here, but it's no big deal. Save your legs for later.

Miles: 15-30: CRUISE. This section is slight rolling and flats. Here's where you are going to get you speeds up. Moderate-hard.

Miles 30-40: Do what you can here. The terrain isn't bad, but this is the windy stretch. Take it easy. You'll need your legs for the climb.

Miles 40-56: Climbing climbing climbing. You've been here before. Look at that guy...he's wishing he'd trained a little better....maybe he's thinking he should have ridden the course. It's too late now. You own this course. You should be feel pretty good as you climb Tom Bay Road. Once at the top, you can relax on the downhill before climbing the way to the finish.

Before heading out of transition, stuff 9 GU's into pockets. (I won't need all of those, but I've raced enough to know that I will likely lose a couple along the way).

Take one GU at start of run with 16oz of water.

Run Pacing: This is what it's all about, take a few longer faster strides at the begining, then settle into your pace. The first section has the steepest hills. If you're a wienie, go ahead and walk them. It's just a PR you're chasing. No big deal. I'm sure you'll sleep fine tonight.

Walk through aid stations to drink and take GU as scheduled.

SMILE at the other runners coming toward you. They're not smiling back? Well, you probably won't be either when you're at mile 65.

Drink at all aid stations.

GU every 2 miles or so.

I've ridden the bike route no fewer than 6 times in my training.
I've run the run course no fewer than 12 times.

The course I know. Now's it's up to me to believe in myself to make this happen. I don't expect to control the race.

As long as I control my thoughts and emotions, nothing will stop me from getting this PR.