Saturday, July 11, 2009

My pay day will come

Yesterday, I felt invincible.

Today, I was humbled.

Weekly volume increased again. One more week of increasing volume, and then I have a testing week.

Yesterday was my first full brick of the year, and it went extremely well.

Today, well.....halfway through my ride, I started to feel yesterday's hard brick. The first 27 miles or so, I was in cruise mode. Everything was going along great.

Then, I turned to head south. It was like I slammed into a brick wall as I started my 27 mile uphill return into the wind.

I'm pretty sure I let out a whimper. I might have even cried. I definitely said a few curse words. Each level of the climb was a challenge. My legs were shred. My butt hurt. My quads hurt. My inner thighs hurt. My back hurt. My hips hurt. My calves hurt.

If you've ever been at this point in training, and you're chasing a goal that is really important to you.....and one that is SO close you can taste doesn't matter what level of pain you experience. You just know that you are going to do whatever it takes to hit your goal. Period.

At one point, I considered placing a rescue call. But, I knew that I wouldn't. I knew that I would keep climbing. Keep going. Because every single turn meant that I would be stronger physically and mentally the next time I head out.

Of course....

I was pretty sure that I'd never walk normally again.

And I think the neighbors thought I was going to pass out as my bike wobbled up the a horse carrying a sick rider.

As soon as I ate and showered, I felt almost completely better.

It was a total of 54 miles. Next week, I jump to a 4 hour ride, which of course means that my half iron should feel like a ride in the park come race day.

Tomorrow, I have a 1:15 ride.

By my calculation, I should pull a pretty good time at my half iron with all this cycling.