Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I wrote this great post while I was swimming today. Now that I'm sitting in front of the computer, it's gone. Here are the remnants:

I am now 9 weeks into my 27 week half iron training plan. In week 1 of specific prep 3. What that means is that this week, my workouts have this...what should I call it? Instensity from hell? Annoyingly difficult challenges? Unable to breath-aspect? Call it what you want.

Last week, I did my time trials. As expected, I was faster in all three sports.

As I was celebrating my newly found speed, I failed to think of the consequences it will have on my training.


Take for example, my swim today. It was something like:

warm up: 300 swim/6X75 (R/L/Build)/200swim

Workout: 4 x250 (150 build/50 fast/50 easy)

then another 300 of r/l

Oh, and if my back isn't SCREECHING in PAIN then throw in:
6X125 (75 build/25 fast/25 easy)

Cooldown, and you've got 3100ish of burning muscle.

Of course, I realize the paradox here. How can muscles burn in the nice cool water?

Well, just shuddup. They do.

Needless to say, this whole getting faster thing isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

Strength training: Yea, you guessed it. That's changed too. I think that's one of the reasons that my swim was so tough. I was tired from yesterday's reps.

On Wednesdays, I now add in Plyo's....oh PUHLEEZE! STOP THE INSANITY.

I haven't done it yet. Since it's a recovery day, I think I might just do a walk/run again. I've been doing Tuesday's workouts as walk 1-2 min/run 5 minutes for several months now. It seems to be working really well.

tune in tomorrow when I get to experience the SHEER FUN of running 10x400's at my new pace!