Thursday, June 14, 2018


The universe has been talking to me lot lately. 

The message has been, "Patience, Grasshopper". I can't even count how many times this year has thrown a curve ball at us. 

Twice, I have had to scrap all race plans. 

Ironman Florida 70.3
Age Group Nationals
Ironman Louisville

Summer Open Sprint
Loveland Lake 2 Lake

Twice, Coach Liz has gotten tearful emails from me saying, "I can't go on". 

TWICE, she has talked me down from the ledge. 

I had no choice but to let life run it's course. 

I have taken the downs (not with Grace and dignity) but with tears and tantrums. The good times, I haven't celebrated but instead I felt like I was walking on eggshells afraid that even the slightest wrong step would send us back down the rabbit hole. 

This week, the universe sent me another message "It's almost time, Grasshopper". Each day, I'm getting memories posted in my feed about races at which I SMASHED goals. 
Ironman Boulder 2016: 25 min PR.

Some other random race in 2014. A smile that big = PR.

June is almost over, I know physically and mentally, I can start "training" again, but I need a couple more weeks of "patience" before I can light the match again. 

I think the universe agrees.