Saturday, November 14, 2015

Start with belief

This week is goal setting week. Let me 'splain. Liz and I work together to set up my race schedule for each year. I pick my A races. She makes sure they are spaced appropriately. Then, she makes recommendations for races to do between the A races. 

After the race schedule is done, we set goals. The goal setting comes in two parts. 

This week we addressed the first part: what I want to accomplish at my races.  (The second part of the goal setting is outlining the process to reach those goals.)

I have gone through so many phases with setting goals.

For the longest time, I was embarrassed about my goals. Even though, I believed SOME day I would reach them....I felt like other people/readers/friends would think they were completely far fetched. More likely than not it was my own insecurities coming out.

Every year, I have my goals. I've tried different things. I've posted my goals. I've kept them quiet. All the time, I had this nagging feeling that I couldn't accomplish them.

I found myself in a weird place when Liz said she wanted my goals. I didn't hesitate. I wasn't embarrassed. I believe I can reach these goals. I really do.

When I sent them to her, I wasn't the slight bit nervous about what she would say. 

She looked over everything, and said, "these are all within your reach". We talked about how I could slice and dice one race in particular to reach the goals. We talked about what would be easier and what would really push me outside of my comfort zone. 

In one way or another, I'll be outside my comfort zone. 

My Coach believes in me. I believe in me. 

These goals, they're big. It'll be very tough, but for the first time ever, I'm starting from the simple belief that I can do it.