Sunday, January 12, 2014


Being competitive is not a bad thing. Being a bad sport....that's a different story.

I also think that as damaging as rejection can be to some people, it can also be a strong motivator to others. I would never have started my business if so many people hadn't told me "No," throughout my life. 

When I was told, "No," for financing for my business....some people would have thrown in the towel. I just dug down deeper.

Over and over and over, I've been told, "No". Over and over and over, I've proven them wrong. 

When I first hear it, I get mad. Then, I shake it off and get down to business to prove that person wrong. 

It's taking negative energy and turning it into positive motivation. And as long as the goal is something that is important to me, no one can stop me from accomplishing it.

As you know, I will be doing my first 70.3 in many years.  

Shortly after registering, I received an email stating, "You aren't ready for a 70.3".

I know people that this would completely frazzle: people with low confidence.

Me? Confidence is not something I lack.

I didn't respond to the email. 

I took a print out of it and posted it over my bike trainer. Every time I get on the bike, I can see it.

You think I wanted a PR badly before.

You have no idea.