Friday, November 30, 2012

Only one reason

Three weeks ago, I ran a half marathon. 

You all know the story. It was a blast. 

But, I have to left me wondering. If I felt that good, what am I capable of?

This Sunday, I'm running RNR Vegas. When I signed up, it was going to be me and my girlfriends getting together to have fun. No one was really planning on running for a PR. We were going to run as a group. 

Since then, they've all dropped out....for various reasons. That's fine by me. You gotta do what you gotta do.

It leaves me


to figure out

if I have the guts enough to chase a PR

at the half marathon

which hasn't happened in a really long time

and I could go into many many many reason why IT COULDN'T HAPPEN.

and I have only ONE reason why it should

So with all the reasons that it shouldn't happen, trailing behind me, nipping at my heels, I have decided to ignore them.

For the past 3 weeks, I have worked on my nutrition.

I have done my workouts as but I don't want to....

None of that. 

If my flight gets delayed....fine with me....I'm bringing on water an ipod and a great book. 

I have an excellent dinner planned Saturday night. I have breakfast and lunch and snacks....more of a guideline, but it's a plan nonetheless.

Whether I PR or not is yet to be decided.

For all those logical reasons as to why it SHOULDN'T happen.

I've only got one reason why it should.

Because I WANT IT.