Friday, October 22, 2010

How to recover from Stupid

A year ago, I swore off marathons. Of course, I announced it on FB for all the world to see.

THAT was my first mistake. 

Why don't I like marathons? It's a lot of time spent running when I could just as easily drive somewhere.

However, I'm rather fond of the half marathon. Therefore, In an effort to get away from the cold Colorado winter, I (once again) announced first to Mr. Tea and second on FB that I was looking for a winter HALF marathon to run.

That's when Mr. Tea (in his infinite wisdom) says "I'll pay you $100 to run marathon".

I don't DO marathons. I say to him rolling my eyes.

Then he says: Wait, I'll give you $100 for running a marathon and another $100 for finishing in under 5 hours.

Who does he think I am? That makes me feel so CHEAP.

Does Ironman count?

No, IM does not count.

Fine, whateva, I reply (again rolling my eyes). Yet, now calculating. My last marathon was 1 no 2 no 3 no 4 years ago?  5 hours? Is that even reasonable?

OK, I'll do it. 

I immediately head to FB and ask for requests on Winter marathons.

Lo and behold, friends all over the US (and even outside the US) starting saying "Come run with me in: LAS VEGAS, SAN DIEGO, ORLANDO.....etc etc etc

That, of course, begs the question as to why people want to run with me so badly.

It's because no matter how slow you are, running next to me makes you feel like a gazelle.

So....what do I do? What beautiful warm race could I run.

That's when Billy said, "Hey run the MS Blues Marathon."

Hmmmm, that one has merit. Immediately, I start thinking of Billy, Karen & I holding arms and skipping through Jackson, MS.

The thought makes me smile.

And this image pops into my head ----------> 

Of course, that's all it took.

No looking at the profile map.

No looking at the weather conditions in MS in Jan.

All I knew is that Jackson, MS is about 6000ft lower in elevation than where I am. Can't be too bad right?

It's all fun and games until you hit the REGISTRATION button.

Now that I'm registered, let's go check out some race reports.

"Coldest race I've ever done"

"Hardest course I've ever done. Who knew MS had hills?"

Then, I started getting emails from friends, "Heard you signed up for MS. You must have a death wish."

"Train on the biggest hills you can find. The course is ridiculous."

My delusional smile quickly slipped into a frown, and I started the though that  I just registered for (apparently) the hardest race on the planet....and worst of all?

it's a marathon. 26.2 miles.

that means I have to TRAIN.

I thought I could get by on amazing positive attitude.

Under normal circumstances, that would work. But now, NOW I AM running with someone who is hoping to run a 5 hour marathon....on the dead of winter.....and I haven't run a marathon in 4 years?


When you have the flu, it takes a few days. But eventually you get over it.

Stupid stays with you for a lifetime.