Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen

Do you remember this?

Neither did I.

As I woke this morning, I stretched and yawned and looked out at the already piercing sun. It's going to be hot, I think as I roll out of bed and meandered downstairs.

The smell of brewing coffee wafts through the air, and I breathe it in deeply. As the coffee continues to brew, I decide to check in on my email.

The very first message catches my attention. 


I twitch as some distant memory comes racing toward me and I quickly scan the email.

"oops we goofed! We mailed your half marathon race packet to your home address. It will be there tomorrow July 14th!"

JULY 14th! I think to myself. July 14th! When's the race?

I continue scrolling.

Start time 7:00am...

JULY 17th!?! I quickly pull up Outlook....JULY 17th? THAT'S SATURDAY!

My entire week comes smashing to a halt.

But I'm supposed to run 8 this Saturday.
I get a silver necklace for finishing.
Oh geesh, let's look at the map.
It's hilly.
What else is new?
It's going to be 100 degrees.
They changed the start time to 7am instead of 8am.
I will have to leave at 4am to get to the race in time.
oh geesh
Do you want to do it?
Well I might as well.
This is quite the quandry.
Let's ask Mr. Tea.

Armed with information, I approach Mr. Tea. "So uh guess what?"
"Suprise! I have a half marathon on Saturday!"
"WHAT?" Now I have his attention.
"Yea, well funny story. Apparently I registered for this race back in January and then promptly forgot about. ha.ha." I look at him nervously.

"Ok, where is it?" He asks.

"Well, that's the funny part. It's in the Springs. So, I'll have to leave the house really early. It starts at the Broadmoor.But I didn't even train for this. I could just as easily skip it. But I DO get a silver necklace for finishing."

I cringe and wait for his response.

"The Broadmoor? That's a resort. Why don't you just book a room and stay the weekend."

I stand there staring.at.him.blankly.

I shake some sense into my head and repeat, "I said. The race is at the BROADMOOR. THE FIVE DIAMOND RESORT."


The weekend? This information is simply not computing.

"Go up early on Friday. Enjoy the expo. They have an olympic sized lap pool that you can swim in after the race. Have a nice dinner. Get a massage and sleep in on Sunday."

"Are you serious?"

"Give me the phone. I'll call them."

Mike disappears for about 20 minutes. He returns smiling and says "I just booked you a room for two nights. You can't cancel because you're within the 7 day cancellation period. Have fun."

So, on Friday I'm leaving for a weekend getaway that includes a half marathon that I didn't train for, go shopping at the expo, enjoy the beautiful scenery,  get a silver necklace for finishing the half marathon and then I get to relax in the pool and have man-servants wait on me for the rest of the weekend. (ok, so I made up the part about the man-servants).

Still....sounds like a pretty juicy weekend if you ask me.