Friday, March 5, 2010

It's like this

When I don't blog for awhile, I have all these unwritten blogs floating around in my head just dying to get out.

They just never make it there. Weeks go by, and I have to try to figure out what interesting little tidbits I can pull from those lengthy unwritten blog posts.

In a way, I present to you THE BEST OF THE BEST. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, well....I am SUPER sorry about that.

Work, work, work. We had a meeting last week to try to adjust our plans for the year. We have been so busy. In some ways, I feel out of control. It's hard to get to the gym. It's hard to find time for anything else. We are re-adjusting our hiring plans and possibly moving up some other plans that we had in place for the next 2 years.

Let's just say we're doing our part to get the economy rolling.

We had to do it without a bailout.

Don't get me started on banks.

Let's see a corporation do that.

Because of the above, we are trying to get a vacation scheduled. Trying isn't the right word. We're comparing schedules yadda yadda and are going to get it booked.

I couldn't be happier.

All work and no play makes Tea a dull girl.

Training while healthy
I have a race on 3/14. I am SO excited for this race. It's a 7k. I've really trained hard for this race. I don't expect to PR, but I am hoping to beat my 4 mile time from Nov. I don't think I've ever really trained for a short race. I done hill repeats, speedwork, tempo runs, long runs, recovery runs. I feel great.

if not a little nervous. I am going to give it everything I have!

After the 7k, I have a number of races starting the end of April. In May I have Greenland followed by my first half marathon of the year.

Training while sick
Unfortunately two weeks ago, I got the cold that was running through the house. Due to lack of sleep, the cold stretched into over two weeks. I'm just about over it now.

But there were a few days (4) that I was completely wiped out and even walking was difficult. No swimming, no cycling, no running. I tried to keep up some fitness by walking but mostly I just skipped workouts.

This week I was back to running and am still amazed at how sore I am from the time off. At the same time, I physically feel really good. The forced rest was really good.

I get so tired of people who do or say thing for the sake of image.


I have no patience for wussies.


Sometimes I am rather wussy.


We took the doggies in for their annual check up. Our stupid-big German Shepherd (Brinks) is probably going to live until he's 20. (He's 6 now).

Our Crazy Bitch....well....she's not long for this life. (She's 4 or 5). Some of you might remember when we adopted her. She was on deathrow as she'd been given up by 3 previous owners. She was malnourished, abused, neglected, dog aggressive and was scared to death of men. This will be our 3rd year with her. She still cries in her sleep, but it's happening less often. She's no longer afraid of men. She's no longer afraid of sprinklers or hoses or haribrushes. She's still dog aggressive, but she's no longer destructive and goes outside to use the bathroom. I doubt she'll ever learn any commands, but she did learn sit and shake. So, maybe one day she WILL learn stay or place, or down. And, she no longer buries my swim caps and goggles. She's come a long long way. She's so happy now. She's not the smartest dog, but she really does try. Besides, she's the cutest thing ever.

Her tests didn't come back good. She has problems with her pancreas and her kidneys are starting to fail. Medications will help and a special diet will help. I just hope she's not in alot of pain. She's such a good girl.

It's hard when you adopt a dog that experienced such a life. Even though she might not live to even 8 years old, I sure hope she is happy and that whatever life she has left wipes out those bad memories.

I guess that covers the last month or so.

Hope you all have been well. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I just don't always respond.