Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I will sum up


This whole blogging thing is really strange this time around. I'm just not into it. My workouts are going along SMASHINGLY....now that I finally know how to upload a workload into www.beginnertriathlete.com. You'd think I would have figured that one out a few years ago.


The workouts have been going great. I'm still in my Phase 1 of offseason training. I have a Maffetone test coming up soon, and I know I've made significant improvement in my running speed over the past 8 weeks. My last test was about 4 weeks ago.

Howeva....I might push the test out to the Turkey Trot. It's a measured 4 mile course that is relatively flat.

The bike has been awesome. I can tell that my fitness this off season is tons better than it was last season. Although, I'm playing around a bit with heart rate training on the bike, my legs are strong this off season.

Swimming isn't happening. In an effort to cut costs, we cut out our gym membership. But it's all good. If it's one thing that I'm good at is swimming. I figure that I can do ow swims next season as soon as the lake opens OR I just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm very happy with my running and biking abilities at the moment.

Next year, I have decided to focus on the half distances. I don't think I'll be racing much (if at all), but I am going to work on the half iron (either du or maybe tri) and half marathon distances....just cuz I gained quite an affection for the half marathon at my last race.

So, that's it! Running, biking, and strength/core/flexibility work.

You can stick a fork in me cuz I'm DONE.

Everything good?